Terms and Conditions


Agreement to the training requirements

Applicants requesting a place on training, and CPD Leaders authorising the request, agree to the following:
  • The applicant is authorised by the organisation/service to attend the event.
  • The applicant has a sufficient understanding of the English language, to fully participate in discussions, group work, and assessments of learning.
  • The suitability of the training event has been discussed, and the applicant's current skills, knowledge and ability have been jointly assessed.
  • Any additional training requirements specified in the course description, or in course communications will be followed (eg practical clothing where training involves a particularly physical element).
  • Completion of the three-step evaluation process; Pre-course Evaluation, On the Day Evaluation and Impact Evaluation (alongside line-manager in a supervision setting)
  • The terms and conditions regarding cancellations, and any associated charges, as outlined below.

How To Book

  • Book and amend your own training attendance, via the CPD Online platform, always ensuring you have your line manager's / CPD Leader's permission.
    Places are limited, so in order to avoid disappointment, it is advised that your line manager promptly authorises your booking request. The Workforce Development Team are only able to confirm your booking, once the manager's authorisation step has been completed. This step only applies to staff outside of Peterborough City Council.
  • Once the place is confirmed, a confirmation email will be issued, and you are expected to attend.  Applicants should not attend the event(s) applied for, unless they have received an email from CPD confirming a place has been allocated. Delegates who attend without having received a confirmation will be turned away on the day.

Attendance and how to cancel

  • The attendance expectations are the same for virtual/online face-to-face sessions as they would be for ‘in person’ face-to-face.
  • Delegates are asked to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the training. Delegates who are more than 15 minutes late you may be asked to leave the session, at the trainer's discretion.
  • Delegates must attend the entire session, and not leave early unless this has been authorised by the Workforce Development manager in advance.
  • Certificates of attendance will only be released to attendees who attend the full session (including completing the evaluation form at the end of the session).
  • It is the delegate's responsibility to manage their calendar, communicating timely any issues which may prevent attendance on the training, to their manager.  Both delegate and manager, should investigate all alternative arrangements (eg. workload to be managed, or delegated) to avoid late cancellations.
  • If unable to attend, the training place should be cancelled / re-arranged as soon as possible, by visiting www.peterboroughcpd.co.uk, with clear reasons (eg. annual leave, or the priority meeting to be attended). This is a very simple procedure, and only takes a few minutes.
  • A minimum of 7 days notice is required for ALL cancellations of training managed via the CPD Online platform.
  • Cancellations should be made via CPD Online at www.peterboroughcpd.co.uk. However, if you experience difficulty in doing this, and the matter is urgent, please email the Workforce Development Team at workforcedevelopment@peterborough.gov.uk or call 01733 207133 (with a 24-hour voicemail), advising the following:
  1. Delegate name for cancellation
  2. Course title
  3. Course date
  4. Reason for cancelling
  5. Contact telephone number
  • Where 7 days notice is not possible, and the cancellation is unavoidable, the staff member should state any efforts made to resolve the issue, in their cancellation reason on CPD Online.

Cancellation charges

  • If the applicant has a place confirmed, and does not attend the event indicated, without providing the correct 7 days notice, they will be considered a non-attendee, and their organisation / service will be charged* (details below).
  • It is possible to avoid a charge in these circumstances, by transferring the booking to a suitable colleague, who requires the training, and is available to attend.
  • All other charges will only be waived in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Workforce Development Manager.
* For staff from organisations outside of Peterborough City Council, the charges to be applied are:
£50 per half-day course
£100 per one-day course
£200 per two-day course

* For teams from within Peterborough City Council, all non-attendance where less than 7 days is provided, and no bookings transfers have been made, will be declared to management, in a monthly report.

A late cancellation can deny others sufficient notice to accept the available place. Low attendance numbers, reduces the cost-effectiveness of running the training, potentially causing it to be cancelled for all delegates. There may not always be the possibility to run another of these courses.

Cancellation of any training session

Due to the participative nature of the sessions, if we do not have a sufficient number of people booked on or less than the minimum number of candidates arrive on the day, we will cancel the session. All delegates who are booked on will be contacted, so please ensure your correct contact details are entered fully onto CPD.

Further instructions can be found in the CPD Online User Guide. For additional support, please contact the Workforce Development Team at workforcedevelopment@peterborough.gov.uk or call 01733 207133.

Please note, these terms and conditions relate to Adult and Children's Social Care training, managed by Peterborough City Council's Workforce Development team.

There are separate cancellation policies for the School Improvement team, and SEN & Inclusion team. Failure to attend schools training, without prior notification will incur a full charge. For further information, please see the relevant brochure, or contact schoolimprovementadmin@peterborough.gov.uk or SENandInclusion@peterborough.gov.uk.